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Stretchable 360° Filtering Faucet

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Stretchable 360° Filtering Faucet

Go for a powerful sprayer that ensures convenience and a level up washing in every drop and use this 360° all-angle faucet booster filter! 

This smart faucet booster nozzle effectively turns every sink with a high-pressure and evenly distributed continuous shower stream. Featuring a handy 360° all-angle rotation and telescopic design that can be extended from 8 cm up to an impressive 12 cm long. Providing you optimal utilization and the ability to make each part of your sink easily accessible anytime which you can’t reach before. What’s more? Its powerful shower-like spray supports more effective, deep cleaning results with less water consumption. This booster is also completely splash-proof performance so you can wash up without the messy splatters and unnecessary water wastage.  

The 360° faucet sprayer head adopts an amazing filtration and windmill like blades. Allowing it to successfully harmful impurities and release a much safer, cleaner, and clearer overall water quality. Suitable when you're washing hands, washing dishes, rinsing fruits/vegetables, facial cleansing, brushing teeth, cleaning sink, and so on. No worries as it can be easily installed to nearly all kinds of faucet within 2.7 cm and be easily removed anytime for regular cleanup. It also comes with a removable yellow knob that can be adjusted with ease for maximum, secured gripping. Preventing the faucet filter from slipping off even as you rotate or extend it. 

Make your daily washing and cleaning routine even more better and easier with this 360° all-angle faucet booster filter!  


  • Splash-Proof High Pressure Flow
    A handy faucet booster head that successfully transforms every sink with a nice, continuous high-pressure shower stream. Providing you an upgraded, seamless washing experience and a much better convenience at all times. Furthermore, its incredible water flow produces more effective, deep cleaning results with less water consumption. Great for smoothly eliminating tough food oil residues, built-up dirts, cooked-on scraps, and such. This sprayer head also adopts a fine splash-proof performance to deliver the smoothest and consistent powerful spray without the messy splatters and pooling everywhere. It allows you to prevent unnecessary water wastage and saves more than 30% while also keeping up the sanitation of your space.

  • Rotatable and Extendable
    This high-performance faucet booster supplies a smart 360° all-angle rotation that delivers an optimum maneuverability. It can make each part of your sink easily accessible anytime that you can’t usually reach before. What’s more? The faucet sprayer head features a telescopic design which enables it to be swiftly extended from 8 cm to 12 cm long and narrow back depending on your needs. Allowing you to experience a finer, long-reaching water flow so you can wash without limitations anymore. Perfect when you're washing hands, washing dishes, rinsing fruits/vegetables, facial cleansing, brushing teeth, cleaning sink, and more possibilities. 

  • Maximum Filtration
    The all-angle high-pressure faucet shower head supports exceptional filtration performance, windmill like blades. It successfully keeps all contaminants like dirt from flowing out through the faucet while releasing a fine and evenly distributed shower stream. Additionally, the included minerals also work to naturally absorb harmful impurities and help to purify the overall quality of the water. You can now confidently use consistent high power flow effects with safer, cleaner, much clearer water release.   
  • Quick and Easy Installation
    This powerful shower sprayer faucet filter has a removable yellow knob that can be easily adjusted to tighten according to your faucet diameter. It can expertly fit through the faucet and provide a secured, non-damaging gripping to prevent them from slipping out even when you rotate and extend. Simply remove the aerator from the faucet, insert the knob to the shower filter head, install it to the faucet spout, tighten using the knob, and you're done! This sprayer filter head accepts nearly all kinds of the faucet within 2.7 cm mouth sizes. 

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic PP plastic material and thickened PVC sleeve with an outstanding durability and rust-resistance. It can hold out against everyday usage and delivers a nice, strong pressure shower stream for several years without damaging or wearing-off. This all-angle faucet booster can be also easily removed anytime and be cleaned to avoid germs and mold build-ups. Lastly, it does not leach out harmful odors or chemicals that might contaminate the water for your overall safety and health.   
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 5.8 x 6.5CM, (Extended) 5.8 x 9.5CM
  • 1 x Stretchable 360° Filtering Faucet

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