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Cithway™ Slingshot Dinosaur Stretchy Finger Toy

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Cithway™ Slingshot Dinosaur Stretchy Finger Toy

Master the skills of shooting play and entertain your tots using this prehistoric finger slingshot dino-toy!

This prehistoric-themed slingshot set comes in colorful varieties of dino-species that are sure to attract every dino-loving kid and grownup. Each mini dino piece offers superior throwing abilities and high-resistance that withstands being stretched and aimed without breaking. Making them a great slingshot alternative toy for kids that can be safely shot and played indoor or outdoor. These cute finger dinos also adopt a superior stickiness that can securely cling against most surfaces after shooting for an extra fun twist! Allowing them to be aimed on walls, windows, or ceilings, and stay cutely in place like an arrow on a targeted board, but without the damages.

The fun dino-slingshot toys feature a miniature size with an open designed body which allows them to hug lovingly on any fingers. Simply place them to your fingers, pull out the dino tail with your other hand to stretch, lock and aim on the target, then release to shoot, and done! Have unlimited dino fun and use them like real slingshots for target shooting or even for competitive fun, one-on-one battles, and such. What’s more? These playful dinos not only provide entertainment, but they also help kids to learn more about prehistoric species and evolution periods. 

Welcome to the roaring world of jurassic and let your youngster have a ‘t rex-cellent’ fun with this finger slingshot dino-toy!  


  • Prehistoric Finger Slingshot 
    A fun set of 5 piece, 20 piece, and 40 piece selections of colorful varieties of dinosaur species that would surely be loved by your youngsters and dino-loving grownups. Each prehistoric toy features impressive sticky qualities that can securely cling against almost any surface, including walls, windows, ceilings, and such. The toys also offer an unparalleled resistance which enables them to be freely bent and stretched without breaking or snapping. Allowing them to be used as a unique finger slingshot toy, but with double the fun and safety. Moreover, they can stay hilariously adhered to the surface after thrown so you can continuously shoot through your target and conveniently take them off after. 

  • Educational and Fun to Play With
    These dino-slingshot toys come in a mini size with an open designed head and body which enables them to cutely attach to the fingers. Simply place the dinosaur to the finger, hold the tail of the dino and stretch, aim onto the wall, then release to shoot like a real slingshot weapon, and have fun. The dinosaur toys can be used for one-on-one shooting battles, competitive fun, most targeted shot, and other enjoyable possible games. Furthermore, these finger slingshot toys not only supports unlimited fun, but it also boasts an educational performance. It encourages your kids to learn, differentiate, and love more about dinosaur species, evolutionary theory, and other scientific concepts of the prehistoric period. The perfect toy to keep them off away from spending hours playing on screens.

  • Easy to Clean
    The finger slingshot dinos’ can be safely played almost anywhere indoors and outdoors. They can be easily washed off with water and soap anytime without loosening their powerful stickiness. Preventing from getting dirtied and from contaminating bacterias, germs, or building up nasty odors. Suitable to have fun in the living room, bed room, children’s room, play room, garage, attic, yards, and such.

  • Great Gift Idea
    This dino-slingshot set serves as a great start for an enjoyable Jurassic world exploration that can be given to your loved one’s. Perfect for children, students, and to your dino-loving friends, colleagues, and other dinosaur enthusiasts. A great gift for regular days or special occasions like christmas, parties, birthdays, moving up day, celebrations, exchange gift, loot bags, dinosaur-themed celebration goodies, and so on.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, environmentally-friendly rubber materials with an incredible toughness, flexibility, and stickiness. All dino-slingshot toys can withstand years of everyday force and powerful throwing without deforming, snapping, and other damages. They also do not contain any sharp edges or materials to ensure that they can be held, played on, and shot through without causing harm.   

  • Material: TPR
  • Style: Blind Box (Random)
  • 4PCS/ 10PCS/ 20PCS x  Cithway™ Slingshot Dinosaur Stretchy Finger Toys

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