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Cithway™ Silent Premium Basketball

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Cithway™ Silent Premium Basketball

Step up your dribbling skills quietly to the next NBA level with this quiet bounce fun basketball!

This clever sport ball toy supports an advanced noise-dampening material that remarkably minimizes any sound upon impacts. Providing you a noise-free solution so you can still dribble, bounce, toss, and shoot without the loud, echoing ball sounds and disturbance. Making it the perfect ball for a quiet indoor play, less disruptive practice sessions, and for improving basketball skills in complete silence. It has an amazing one-second, stable rebounce with a high bounce of 90cm that works effectively on different surfaces, including harwood, tiles, concrete, carpet, and so on. Available in different sizes selections that’s suitable for kids, teens, and adults with free mesh bag gift! 

The quiet bounce basketball is ideally light and can be gripped easily even by kids' little hands while ensuring an NBA-quality experience. It adopts a super-soft feature for an effortless dribbling with an overall safer and comfortable all day ball game. You can also confidently play it non-stop indoors without damaging furniture, appliances or leaving nasty dents and marks on floors. Suitable for outdoor and indoor basketball sessions at-home, school dormitories, hotels, apartments, gyms, basketball court, outdoor court, parks, and such. Made with durable materials that boasts to last years of dribbling, playing, and ball training without deforming or wearing-off. 

Enjoy a quieter ball game experience and score a slam dunk using this quiet bounce fun basketball!


    • Fun Noiseless Dribbling
      An innovative silent basketball which features an advanced sound-absorbing nub that significantly reduces the noise made by the ball upon impact with any surface. Allowing it to be dribbled, bounced, and shot in the ring swift and hard just like a regular basketball, but without the loud, echoing noise. Making it an excellent alternative ball toy for a quiet indoor / outdoor play and for those who want to work and train vigorously their basketball skills at any time in complete silence. Saving you from causing disturbance and the non-stop noise complaints from angry neighbors! Available in sizes 18cm(For 3-6 years old), 21cm (For 7-13 years old), and 24cm (For over 14 years old). What’s more? This silent basketball does not need inflation and it even offers a free basketball mesh bag gift upon every purchase! 

    • Comfortable Hand Feel and Bounce
      This fun quiet basketball is specially designed to look and function like an NBA ball, but is more ideally light to be held and played safely by kids. It has super-soft features which makes it easier to dribble and use with high-comfort experience and good ball control. It even adopts great resiliency so you can train extra hard, have endless fun, or even squish it without deforming and breaking. The silent basketball has a super bounce quality that enables it to be only lightly tapped to provide a high bounce and one-second stable rebounce anytime. No worries as it still ensures a silent landing no matter how high or low you dribble the ball! 

    • Multi-Scene Basketball
      The noise-absorbing basketball supports a remarkable high bounce from up to 90cm that can work on different surface types. Suitable for hardwood floor, tiled floorings, cement, marbled floors, carpeted floors, and more possibilities. Its light and ultra-soft feature also allows it to be confidently indoors without the risk of damaging furniture, appliances or leaving dents and marks on floors. Great for a fun quiet play or training at-home, school dormitories, hotels, apartments, gyms, shared space, basketball court, outdoor court, parks, and so on. 

    • Unique Gift Idea
      This quiet bounce indoor/outdoor basketball makes a cool and thoughtful present for kids, teens and adults. Perfect especially for die-hard basketball fans, basketball players, and those who are training for fun or competition. The silent basketball is applicable to be given on any regular day or special occasion such as Christmas, birthdays, graduation, party gift, fun prizes, and more.  

    • Premium Quality
      Made of high-quality, child-friendly thickened PU foam material that strikes an amazing noise-reduction technology and high-bounce performance. It supplies a nice durability which guarantees to withstand an endless dribbling and overall basketball fun without deforming and wearing-off. Additionally, this silent basketball does not leach out funky chemical odors to ensure overall safety and health.


    • Size: 18cm (For 3-6 years old), 21cm (For 7-13 years old), 24cm (For over 14 years old)


    • 1 x Cithway™ Silent Premium Basketball

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