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Cithway™ Purse Hanger(SET OF 3)

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Cithway™ Purse Hanger(SET OF 3)

Keep your purses collection clean and organized in no time with this Purse Hanger Set!

This 3 piece set of hangers are constructed-expertly to provide a nice, hanging storage solution for your precious luxury bag collections. Allowing you to keep your bags organized and all in one accessible place for a quick and easy retrieving anytime. No more bag chaos all over your floor space or being haphazardly stashed inside the closet only to get dirtied and damaged. What’s more? These hangers feature a smooth and widened arc body that can hold any bag handles securely while maintaining their natural shape. Eliminating the risk of your bags and their handles from causing dents, creases, folds, scratches, and deformation. 

The handbag hanger organizers can carry small to bulky and weighty bag types without breaking or falling off. Suitable for pouches, shoulder bags, handbags, totes, hobo bags, work bags, and even for other items like scarves, hats, neck ties, necklaces, belts, and so on. These hangers are perfectly space-saving and can be hung neatly on closet/wardrobe, rods, and any wall space with a hook. They are also highly-portable which allows them to be carried and used on vacations, business trips, hotels, apartments, dormitories, and such. Made with premium materials that promises to accompany your bags for several years without wearing-off and rusting.   

Don’t let yourself get tripped on the bag chaos and keep them up neatly using this Purse Hanger Set!


  • Smart Handbag Hanger
    A chic 3 piece set of hanger that promotes an excellent hanging storage solution to keep your handbags perfectly secured and organized. Providing you a clean and aesthetic storing to keep your stuff off the floor and for being left haphazardly everywhere only to get dirtied and damaged. Moreover, these hangers also help so you can always get an easy accessibility and quick hanging after each use. These hangers can be placed inside the closet or be mounted anywhere with a hook on or rods.      

  • Enhanced Protection 
    These bag hangers are specially designed with a smoothened and widened arc style body that holds well to the bag’s handle curve. Allowing them to reserve the natural shape of your bags and prevent any sort of dents, creases, and other damages. The hangers feature a deep curve which ensures that the bag won’t slip or completely fall off even for those with thin or thick handles. No worries as this 5 hanger organizer comes with a heavy-duty capability that can hold even bulky and weighty bags without breaking or deformation.     

  • Space-Saving Design
    The bag storage hangers supply a slim and compact style that can be hung almost anywhere without taking up much space. They can utilize your closet and other hangable areas without unnecessary squeezing or causing obstruction. These bag hangers can also be carried around easily anytime, anywhere with great ease. Ideal for at-home use or when out on vacations, business trips, hotels, apartments, dormitories, and more possibilities.  

  • Widely-Used Tool
    These bag hanger organizers can safely and securely store different bag types up. Suitable for pouches, shoulder bags, handbags, totes, hobo bags, work bags, and even for other items like scarves, hats, laces, keys, neck ties, necklaces, belts, and so much more. Making them a great tool to maximize your bag storage that’s perfect for all bag collectors, fashionistas, and bag enthusiasts.  

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic PP plastic material that boasts an amazing toughness and rust-resistance. These handbag storage hangers can hold out against multiple years of everyday use without deformation, breaking, or building up molds. Each hanger does not contain any sharp edges or material to ensure that they can hang your bags without snagging, scratching, and other breakage.


  • Color: Black, White, Grey, Pink, Yellow, Purple, Green
  • Size: Please refer to the image below


  • 3PCS of Cithway™ Purse Hanger

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