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Mesh Foam Shower Sponge

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Mesh Foam Shower Sponge

Step up your shower experience to the next spa-like quality treatment only with this body massage exfoliating bath scrub!

A derma-approved bath exfoliating scrub that effectively targets and eliminates build up dirt, sebum, and dead skin cells. Delivering you with a deeply cleansed, smoother glowing skin and a nice, even complexion just right after shower. It features a handy non-slip silicone handle for a secured gripping and a much easier and comfortable overall scrubbing. Moreover, this bath cleansing scrub quickly produces thick, frothy lather that coats the skin nicely to get that luxe-like exfoliating effect. No worries as it offers an intensive cleaning that remains gentle on all skin-types to prevent irritations, rashes, soreness, and redness.

This deep cleansing bath ball also provides a light, relaxing massage effect as you scrub which aims to stimulate overall blood circulation. Making your body feel less tense and your overall skin health and appearance deeply rejuvenated. The perfect, non-abrasive scrub tool for  legs, arms, neck, nape, chest, back, knees, feet, buttocks, bikini areas, and other body parts that needed exfoliating. What’s more? The bath scrub comes with an built-in suction cup handle that can be stuck through your bathroom wall for convenient storing. Made with premium, skin-loving materials that can hold out against regular usage without wearing-off and bacterial accumulation.   

Wash away all pore clogging dirts in just a scrub of this body massage exfoliating bath scrubber!


  • Fast Foaming and Deep Cleansing
    A meticulously-crafted shower scrub that comes with a fluffy, mesh textured design which promotes a thorough exfoliating effect. Allowing it efficiently slough off stubborn build ups of dirts, sebum, and dead skin cells while also unclogging pores. Leaving out a perfectly cleanse and smoothen, baby-soft skin after every bath that will surely make even dermatologists amazed. This body scrub offers a quick and moisture-rich lathering that will effortlessly envelop your body with luxurious foam to get that nice, exfoliating scrub. Making the skin even more refreshed, rejuvenated, and overall healthy to reveal radiant-looking, even complexion. 

  • Excellent Body Massage
    This high-performance bath brush is not only for intensive cleaning, but it can also provide a gentle massaging result when scrubbing. Thus, stimulating overall blood circulation that assists to enhance skin appearance and helps the body to feel less tense. It naturally upgrades your regular bathing with a spa-like experience that will make you so relaxed, refreshed, and deeply exfoliated all at once. 

  • Non-Abrasive Scrubbing
    The bath scrubber can perform a mild to deep exfoliating that can eliminate dead skin in no time while remaining completely gentle to touch. You can scrub it to your desired pressure against your skin and is comfortable enough to be used daily without harming or scratching. This cleaning shower scrub ensures you a clean, silky smooth body with not a single redness, soreness, and rashes. Suitable for scrubbing the legs, arms, neck, nape, chest, back, knees, feet, buttocks, bikini areas, and other body parts that needed exfoliating. 

  • Ergonomic Design
    This body cleansing bath ball is so lightweight that you can easily lift and use it even for an extended time with high-comfort. It adopts a user-friendly, non-slip silicone handle for secured gripping and a much more optimal maneuverability unlike with regular scrubber or loofahs. No need to directly hold onto the scrubbing mesh anymore or the struggle of slippage especially when you lather. What’s more? The exfoliating scrub also has a built-in suction cup that you can smartly stick and mount directly on your bathroom walls for a convenient, space-saving storing.       

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, skin-friendly PA plastic and loofah materials that boasts superior durability and gentle, thorough exfoliation. It can withstand months of regular usage without deformation and wearing off. This bath scrub ball does not accumulate mold growths and can be easily rinsed with water to remove collected dirt after each use. It is safe for all skin-types without causing irritations, stinging, and other discomfort. 


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  • 1 x Mesh Foam Shower Sponge

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