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Cithway™ Blinking Lower Eyelash Stamp Set

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Cithway™ Blinking Lower Eyelash Stamp Set

Have a fuller and longer natural-looking under lash in just a stamp with this pro-beauty lower lash stamp applicator set!

An artist-approved lower lash set that includes a pair of natural hair-like effect lash stampers. Allowing you to fill in your sparsing or short lower-lash and create a beautifully enhanced and dramatic overall eye look in a stamp. This under-lash stamp can be worn for regular days or special occasions such as date, clubbing, galas, holidays, festivities, photoshoot, and more possibilities. Simply pour a proper amount of ink to the stamp pad, press the stamper in, gently apply it on top of your natural ones, and done. No more complicated lining or messy extension gluing needed anymore for that eye-catching, fuller lower eye lashes! 

This under-lash makeup stamp set offers an amazing water-proof formulation that can withstand tears, sweat, sebum, and rain. It can stay flawlessly gorgeous and smudge-free all day and night long with little to no retouching needed! No worries as this lower-lash stamp is weightless and can be safely used for all skin-types without any sort of irritations and discomfort. What/s more? The under-lash beauty set is perfectly reusable unlike the standard disposable lash extensions. It can flatter different eye shapes and fits seamlessly to the curve of the eyes for a safe and effortless stamping at all times! 

Create the quickest and most flawless gorgeous under-lash makeup using this pro-beauty lower lash stamp applicator set! 


  • Lower Lashes Stamp
    A fine beauty set that comes with a pair of lower lash stampers. The stamp is expertly-constructed with hair-like lashes detailing which successfully leave a print on top of your natural lower lash in just a quick press. Allowing it to fill into your sparse, thinning, or naturally short lashes to create a more enhanced and dramatic eye appearance. Moreover, this beauty lash stamp can also prettily elevate everyone’s different makeup style thanks to its extended, natural-looking lower lash finish. No worries as it has a well-designed shape that fits seamlessly to the curve of the eye for a safe and effortless mess-free application anytime.   

  • Long-Wearing Performance
    This lash stamp kit adopts a high-grade, naturally pigmented formula that strikes the best waterproofing performance and staying power. It can withstand tears, sweat, sebum, rain, splashes, and other liquid that you might come into contact with while remaining smudge-free and non-budging. Providing you eye-catching, gorgeous lower lash makeup all day long with little to no retouching needed anymore! The stamp is ideally weightless and it can be applied for a frequent period without any sort of negative skin reaction.

  • Quick and Easy Stamping
    The pro lower lash stamp applicator set can create beautifully extended lashes without the one by one lining anymore! Simply pour the ink into the stamp pad, lightly press the stamper in the pad to form, gently apply on to lower lashes accordingly, and you're good to go. The lower lash stamp can be effortlessly cleaned-off using any makeup remover or oil. What’s more? This set is super lightweight and is designed portably to be carried easily anytime, anywhere for that perfect, snatch lower lashes. You can neatly stash each product into any bags or your makeup kits without taking up too much space.

  • Perfect For All Eye Shape
    This lower lash stamp applicator set can work effectively and flatter different eye shapes. Suitable for round eyes, almond-shape eyes, droopy eyes, hooded eyes, upturned eyes, downturned eyes, and so much more. It can elevate your overall eye appearance and makeup more while still staying natural-looking to be worn for regular days or special occasions. Perfect for everyday wear, date, clubbing, malling, galas, holidays, festivities, photoshoot, cosplays, concert makeup, performance, work, and more possibilities.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-harming plastic material and skin-loving, gentle formulation with excellent durable performance. The stamper is ergonomically designed to be held and maneuver securely with optimal comfort and ease. Furthermore, the ink makeup formula ensures that it can be confidently applied on any skin-types without irritation, itchiness, and discomfort. This lower lash beauty set is 100% reusable unlike the standard lash extensions that only harm your natural ones.     


  • Size: 

  • 1 Pair of Cat Eyes Stamp or 
  • 1 Pair of Classic Stamp or
  • 1 Pair of Cat Eyes Stamp/Classic Stamp + Lash Gel

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