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Cithway™ Invisible Ink Pen Set (10PCS)

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Cithway™ Invisible Ink Pen Set (10PCS)

Keep your detective-loving little ones entertained and investigate secret codes using this magic invisible UV ink glow pen!

A clever spy-like pen tool designed with special light-activated ink that writes invisibly and glows under the included UV light from the cap. Allowing your writing to stay safe and hidden to the naked eyes that only you can read in just a simple press from the light switch button. Perfect for diaries, confidential information, private notes, labeling important belongings, and even for fun detective playtime with your youngsters. The ink supports a permanent effect that will keep your scribbles imprinted forever for you to look and come back anytime. Suitable for papers, walls, floor, wood, boards, furniture, clothes, and even on the skin. No worries as the ink can be easily washed on fabrics and skin! 

This magic invisible ink pen is ideally lightweight and is ergonomically designed to deliver a secured, comfortable grip and optimal control. It can be used for a prolonged secret writing or doodling and spy game without experiencing hand fatigue and discomfort. Moreover, the pen’s invisible ink is safely odor-free and it can come into direct contact even with your kids delicate skin with no irritation. Making it a great enjoyable present for christmas, new years, birthdays, festivities, themed parties, gift stuffer, loot bags, and so on. Made with premium materials that is durable enough to withstand multiple drops and your child’s uncontrolled grip without damaging.   

Write secret messages that only you can read with this magic invisible UV ink glow pen!


  • Fun Invisible Ink Glow Pen
    An innovative pen featuring a special-grade, light-activated ink that writes or draws invisibly on the surface and magically glows under light. Allowing your scribbles to be read, but remains perfectly secret and invisible to the naked eye. Furthermore, it comes with a built-in UV light which enables you to see clearly through the concealed letters just by pressing the switch button. Making it an excellent spy tool for writing diaries, confidential information, private notes, security situations or labeling important belongings like laptops. You can even use it as a fun toy for secretly jotting down words or doodles on walls, floors, papers or furniture to be uncovered/investigated by your detective-loving youngsters.  

  • Safe Permanent Ink
    This magic invisible pen adopts a unique ink that can be written permanently through different surface types. It helps to keep your secrets imprinted forever while still remaining totally hidden and safe for others without the glow of the UV light. Suitable for notebook, notepads, papers, burnbook, diaries, walls, floor, wood, boards, clothes, and more possibilities. The UV glow pen is also hypoallergenic and is applicable to be used for any skin-types without causing irritations, itchiness, rashes, and such. No worries as its permanent ink can still be easily washed off on skin and clothes using water! The perfect spy and artistic pen for secret writing, drawing, doodling, art, graffitis, and so much more. 

  • Ergonomic Design
    The fun UV ink glow pen is conveniently lightweight which allows it to be effortlessly lifted and used even by kids. It has a non-slip, ergonomic body that feels comfortably and gripped securely even for those with sweaty hands for that maximum maneuverability. The included UV light is integrated to the pen’s cap cover so you can simply write and illuminate through your writings at the same time with no issues. It can be used for an extended fun play or spy time without experiencing hand fatigue, soreness, and other discomfort.      

  • Great Gift Idea
    This invisible spy pen serves as an enjoyable secret-agent buddy that would surely be loved by everyone, especially by kids and those who like to write secret notes. Available in a fun 10 piece set with random eye-catching colors. Making it a great present for a regular day or special occasions, including christmas, new years, birthdays, festivities, themed parties, gift stuffer, loot bags, and so on. 

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic light-activated ink ingredients that only glow and can be seen under UV light. It is completely odorless and safe to come into direct contact with the skin. Eliminating the risk for harmful leaching and negative skin reactions for the user’s overall safety and health. Additionally, this magic invisible ink spy pen boasts remarkable durability that guarantees to withstand multiple drops without breaking or losing ink unlike with regular pen.


    • Color: Random Color


    • 10PCS of Cithway™ Invisible Ink Pen

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