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Heatless Instant Hair Volumizing Clip

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Heatless Instant Hair Volumizing Clip

Give your flat, limp locks with life-changing volumizing results with this magic heatless instant hair volume clip!

A top-notch hair clip that is specially designed to bring an instant lift effect from the roots with a gorgeous volume and fullness. Proving your flattened, dull-looking locks a natural boost and definition to its texture and overall appearance with a touch of healthy bounce. Moreover, this magic volumizing clip can safely enhance and deliver that ‘salon-esque blowout effect’ without the need for heating tools. It provides a non-slip, powerful hold that can stay securely to your tresses even as you move while still remaining extra gentle. Eliminating the risk of unwanted clip marks, breakages, split ends, fallouts, and serious thermal damage like brittling, dryness, and fallouts. 

This heatless volumizing clip helps to maximize the fullness of the locks that will leave you with beautifully fluff up hair all throughout the day. Making it a great tool to rock that stunning volumized tresses for a date, party, prom, gala, wedding, festivities, concert, work, outing or a regular day. No worries as it can accommodate different hair types, including fine hair, layered, curly, straight, and coily of any thickness and lengths. The instant hair volume clip is comfortably light and compact in size to be easily brought along with anytime, anywhere. Simply  fasten the clip directly at the roots, wait for a few minutes to volumize, remove the clips after, and you're done! 

Pump up the volume of your tresses in just a clip and use this magic heatless instant hair volumizing tool!


  • Instant Heat-Free Hair Volumizing
    An ultimate hair volume clip designed to give your tresses a gorgeous, lifted up effect from the roots and provides an increased bulkiness appearance in a breeze. Allowing you to transform your dull-looking, flattened locks into a salon-worthy, voluminous hairstyle with a touch of natural bounce. What’s more? This clip lets you easily achieve that nice volume boost and definition to your hair textures without the serious damage of any heating tools! Simply fasten the clip directly at the roots, leave it for a few minutes to successfully create that hair volumizing enhancement, remove the clip, and you're all done. You can apply as many clips as you want depending on your desired fluffiness effect. Available in 2pcs, 4pcs, 6pcs, 8pcs, and 10pcs set selections in colors pink, orange, black, green, purple, and yellow!  
  • Long-Lasting Voluminous Effect
    This volumizing hair clip effectively maximizes the fullness of your locks and delivers an excellent long-lasting performance. It enables you to rock that beautifully fluff up tresses all day and night long that guarantees to make every lady envy with no re-clipping needed anymore. Preventing your hair from losing the added volume illusion, shape, and that eye-catching, healthy bounce. The perfect helper when you're going out for a date, party, prom, gala, wedding, festivities, concert, work, outing, anniversary, and more possibilities. 
  • Non-Damaging Clip Design
    The magic hair clip features sturdy side comb-like teeth that glides smoothly against the locks to avoid unwanted snagging. It also promotes a powerful, non-slip gripping that lets it stay secured in place even as you move around while waiting. No worries as its strong hold does not deconstruct the hair’s natural texture or put too much pressure from the roots and the scalp unlike with other products. Eliminating the risk of unwanted clip marks, breakages, split ends, and fallouts even after an extended wear. Lastly, this clip can improve the volume without applying thermal strain from blow drying, ironing, and curling. Thus, it keeps your tresses perfectly healthy, stronger, and free from dryness while looking beautifully volumized. 
  • Highly Versatile and Portable
    This heatless volumizing tool does not only give your locks an instant fluffines boost effect, but it can be also used as a regular clip. Perfect for removing stray hair or baby bangs away from sticking annoyingly on your face and poking on your eyes. It is applicable for increasing volume and holding onto dry and wet hair of different types. Suitable for fine hair, layered, curly, straight, and coily hair of any thickness and lengths. The magic volumizing clip is ideally lightweight and compact in size that can be neatly tote around without taking up too much space. Allowing you to effortlessly volume up anytime whether you're at home, apartments, dormitories, hotels, vacation, business trips, and so much more.   
  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, hair-friendly thickened ABS plastic material with remarkable volumizing abilities. It strikes an impressive durability that can last multiple years of usage with not a single damage, discoloration, and rusting. Additionally, this hair volume clip has a superior heat-resistant that can withstand exposure to hot air blows from any blower or dryer without melting or deforming. You can confidently use it with blowers for a much better enhancement effect. 
  • Material: ABS
  • 1 x Heatless Instant Hair Volumizing Clip

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