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Cithway™ Sticky Fly Trap Ball

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Cithway™ Sticky Fly Trap Ball

Keep unwanted buzzers from flying around your home with this sticky ball citrus bug trap!

A must-have pest control trap designed in a spherical shape that’s coated with super sticky glue that is sure to capture any annoying flies. Its high-grade adherence ensures to catch any insects as quickly as they touch and trap them in with not a single chance of escape. Additionally, this bug trap is specially made to mimic the color and shape of a citrus fruit to successfully attract various bugs. Suitable for trapping common flies, fruit flies, houseflies, psychodidae, gnats, and so much more. No worries as this ball trap has a sturdy bracket with a powerful adhesive that can securely grip on any flat surfaces like walls and counters. 

The sticky bug trap adopts an excellent resistance against extreme temperatures and water without melting or weakening. Allowing it to effectively attract and trap annoying insects to almost anywhere you place it. Perfect for controlling bugs on dining tables, kitchen counters, walls, flower pots, vegetable gardens, orchards, yards, balconies, terraces, kindergartens, and such. What’s more? This sticky ball trap does not release any toxic chemical fumes to stay 100% safe even when children and pets are around. Made of premium materials with remarkable long-term bug control qualities to remain a superior stickiness. 

Make the comfort of your home a safe and insect-free zone using this sticky ball citrus bug trap!


  • Advance Trapping Stickiness
    A high-grade sticky trap featuring spherical shape with a full-on 360° coverage of unmatched adhesiveness. Allowing it to successfully catch pesky insect flyers as soon as they touch the trap without a single chance of escape. Furthermore, this bug trap is designed in a bright yellow and a circular shape to perfectly mimic the look of fruit. Attracting flying insects of different species and allowing them to naturally fly closely into the trap and be caught without you doing anything. Making it a great bug control solution for fruit flies, houseflies, psychodidae, gnats, and other more sugar-loving critters.  

  • 2-Way Hanging Design
    The bug-control trap supports a convenient 2-way hanging feature to meet all of your different trapping needs. It can be easily placed flat on any counters, tables, and such or be mounted horizontally against any smooth walls using the well-built bracket. Also, it can be looped through the hole from the top. Making it also suitable for hanging vertically like a real juicy fruit on trees, ceilings, lights, windows, rods, and so much more.

  • Multi-Scene Application
    The sticky bug ball can perfectly resist extreme hot or cold temperatures without melting, drying, and loosening adherence. It works effectively almost anywhere to attract various stubborn fruit flies and trap them in. Suitable for trapping bugs on dining tables, kitchen counters, walls, flower pots, vegetable gardens, orchards, yards, balconies, terraces, kindergartens, and more possibilities. 

  • 100% Safe and Non-Toxic
    This ball citrus bug trap adopts a super strong, non-toxic trap-adherence qualities that is safe to be exposed on any space. It enables insects to stick insects good which would surely kill them due to several days from starvation, dehydration and suffocation. The bug trap is also completely odorless and harmless to people even on children and any of your house pets. Preventing it from emitting any sort of chemical fumes to ensure overall safety and health at all times.   

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality materials and ingredients with impressive trapping and bug attracting capabilities. It supports a long-term bug control without the stickiness diminishing even at any temperatures. Ensuring that it can be used until the sticky ball is fully filled with flies so you don’t have to constantly buy and switch to a new one. Simply connect the bracket from the trap ball, peel-off the protective film from the bracket, stick it firmly into your desired place, remove the paper from the ball, and done.


  • Package: 1 / 2 / 5 / 10 PCS


  • 1 x Cithway™ Sticky Fly Trap Ball

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