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Cithway™ Fast-drying Hair Towel Wrap

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Cithway™ Fast-drying Hair Towel Wrap
Cut your hair drying time down only with this fast-drying hair towel wrap!

This lovely hair towel wrap adopts an easy-to-wear Bonnets structure with a high absorbent quality that naturally soaks up all liquids to effectively dry damp strands in no time. Saving you from the damages that you get from constant heating, including dullness, dryness, split ends, unwanted fallouts, roughness, and loss of hair shine and color vibrancy. Moreover, it offers an excellent softness which enables it to wrap lovingly and deeply conditions the locks during the drying process. Eliminating the risk of painful snagging or pulling and developing unpleasant frizzy tresses.  

The anti-frizz hair drying wrap can be also used for cutely keeping the strands out of your face and annoyingly poking to your skin. It is super light and provides a slip-free maximum comfort wearing experience so you can dry hair with no issues while doing your daily task. Great when you're watching, reading, cooking, facial cleansing, makeup, brushing teeth, cleaning, and so much more. This fast-drying hair towel has an impressive elasticity that flexibly adapts to different head sizes and all hair length of any hair type. Made with premium, hair-friendly and super absorbent coral fleece fabric that boasts to last a long time of service without wearing-off.

Get your hair from sopping wet to nearly dry in a breeze using this fast-drying hair towel wrap!  


  • Rapid Heatless Hair Drying Cap
    A super absorbent hair towel designed to be wrapped to your damp strands after bathing and successfully dry it out in no time without any electrical heating device. Designed in a Bonnets structure, allowing users to put it on and collect every hair strand in a second. No more messy twisting of hair and loosing towel! Moreover, it is much more effective and can do better in deeply conditioning the stresses during the drying process unlike the ordinary towels. Providing you with manageable dryness and a healthy, gorgeous effect each time while greatly reducing common heat damages. Preventing you from developing dull-looking dry hair, split ends, unwanted fallouts, roughness, and loss of hair shine and color vibrancy.

  • Super Gentle and Comfortable
    Adopts a superior softness that feels lovingly and much gentler to be wrapped around the locks. It is also highly light so it can stay for a good period on your head without weighing you down and causing aches and fatigue. What’s more? This hair towel does not also painfully snag or pull and it reduces friction which can perfectly help in eliminating developing frizz.
  • Multi-Purpose Design
    Not only works for drying, but it also helps in keeping the fringe and strands out of the face and from annoyingly sticking to the skin. Additionally, this hair towel has a secured fitting so it can stay on your head without it slipping off or making your strands peek out. Allowing it to be worn and drying your hair in a breeze even while doing your everyday task. Suitable for when you're watching, reading, cooking, facial cleansing, makeup, brushing teeth, cleaning, and more possibilities. This hair wrap can be also easily carried around and be folded small to neatly fit into bags without taking up space. Great when you're at home or out for vacation, swimming, hotel, sports, gym, camping, yoga, apartment, and so on.

  • One Size Fits All
    Super elastic which enables it to flexibly adapt to different head circumference sizes. It ensures the best comfort fitting to prevent it from being too tight to hurt or too loose to constantly fall off. Moreover, this hair drying wrap works best and safely for all hair length of any hair types like straight, wavy, curly and coiled. It has a cute big ribbon in front which makes it more lovely to wear as your dry hair. Available in various trendy bright color selections, including red, pink, blue, and yellow.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, hair-loving gentle coral fleece material that promotes a remarkable softness and ultra absorbent performance. It can withstand multiple years of everyday hair drying without it tearing, linting, and wearing-off. Furthermore, this hair wrap can be easily and deeply cleaned by hand wash or using a washing machine just like your regular clothes. 


  • Material: Coral fleece fabric
  • Size:  27x20x3cm
  • Color: Red / Orange / Pink / Blue


  • 1 x Fast-drying Hair Towel Wrap

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