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Cithway™ Drill-free Wall Mounted Razor Holder

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Cithway™ Drill-free Wall Mounted Razor Holder

Flush the bathroom clutter away with this multi-purpose electric shaver wall holder!

A handy wall-mounted storage solution that is specially designed to keep your electric shaver organized in one easily accessible place. Saving you from unhygienically stashing your shaver from mugs or messily on bathroom sink counters. Furthermore, this clever holder adopts an adjustable arm that can be freely loosened or tightened to suit various shaver sizes. It also has  strong-load bearing qualities that can hold light to weighty products without the risk of breaking and falling off. The perfect organizer stand that works for different men’s and women’s electric shaver types, including foil razors, rotary shavers, single-blade shavers, and even for electric toothbrushes.  

This multi-purpose bathroom shaver wall holder supports a bottom drainage design to prevent unwanted pooling and bacterial growth. It comes with superior back adhesive that can securely mount on smooth tiles, smooth marble, glass, frosted glass, and so on. The shaver holder also provides excellent waterproof and moisture-proof qualities that can resist any liquid exposure with no issues. No worries as it does not take up space and it seamlessly blends on any wall decor with a nice, fresh-looking finish. Simply assemble the arms and base together with the body first, remove the back film, stick it firmly, place the razor, and you're all good!  

Tidy up shaver tools and keep it always at hand using this multi-purpose electric shaver wall holder!


  • Electric Shaver Holder Stand
    An excellent storing solution for your shaving tool that is thoughtfully constructed with a sturdy base and arms to hold your item perfectly secured. Featuring a wall-mounted design which enables you to keep your hygiene tool neatly organized and in one easily accessible place at all times. Additionally, it successfully makes use of your bare walls and saves more space for other items for a more fresh and clutter-free bathroom look. No need to leave your shavers unhygienically on sink counters anymore or the need to tightly squeeze them messily on mug holders with other tools!

  • Practical Design
    Supports an adjustable arm that lets you easily tighten or loosen hold depending on your shaver’s secured fit. Suitable for different men’s and women’s electric shaver types, including foil razors, rotary shavers, single-blade shavers, and even for electric toothbrush. This wall organizer stand adopts a superior load-bearing capacity that can withstand heavy battery-powered shaver tools with ease. Providing your facial shaver’s a strong, stable hold without breaking, slipping, or completely falling off the bathroom floor. 

  • Smart Bottom Drainage
    Provides a convenient hollowed bottom feature. It effectively keeps the shaver stand fixed in place while ensuring all liquids to smoothly flow out for a quick, optimal drainage. Preventing water from pooling up which might lead to future damage to your shaver unlike with mugs and other products. What’s more? This shaver wall holder is 100% waterproof and moisture-proof which allows it to hold out against daily liquid exposure without damaging. 

  • Easy Non-Drilling Installation
    Comes with powerful, non-trace back adhesive that can securely mount on different wall surface types. Applicable for smooth tiles, concave/convex tiles, smooth marble, glass, frosted glass, and more possibilities. Simply assemble all parts together first, wipe the wall clean and dry, peel-off the protective film, mount the holder in place, insert shaver, then adjust the tightness to secure, and done. No more unnecessary tools and complicated wall drilling or punching that only leave permanent holes and ugly marks behind. This shaver holder’s strong adhesion can resist water and moisture without loosening stickiness. 
  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, heavy-duty ABS plastic materials with an exceptional durability and rust-resistance. It promises a long-term usage without breaking, accumulating mold and mildew growths or weakening hold. Furthermore, the electric shaver wall holder does not also contain any rough or sharp material to ensure that it can store your tool harm-free!    


  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Size: 4.3x5.5x10.3cm
  • Clamp adjustable range: ~39-50mm
  • Color: Black / White


  • 1 x Drill-free Wall Mounted Razor Holder

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