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Cithway™ One-swipe Wood Graining Stamper Set

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Cithway™ One-swipe Wood Graining Stamper Set

Give your home a timeless, realistic wood paint finish with this one-swipe wood graining rubber tool! 

A textured bottom rubber tool that is specially-crafted to create a natural and top-quality intricate wood grain effect in just a swipe. Allowing you to add a touch of elegance and luxurious wooden look into your space without the need to spend for a real pricey wood. No worries as this wood graining tool can smoothly glide along almost all flat surface material without scratching or damaging. Suitable for revolutionizing the look of your doors, walls, cabinetry, furniture, floor, fence, deck, window frames, beams, wooden benches, and such. What’s more? It can also conveniently make a variety of natural wood pattern knots and grains just by easily changing the stroking technique.  

This one-swipe wood graining tool adopts a lightweight design and non-slip, ergonomic handle for a secured, maximum control. Simply polish and clean the surface first, apply a wood primer, swipe the wood graining rubber tool at once to create the pattern, finish it with a top coat for a more exquisite effect, and done. This clever tool also ensures that it can create that wood-like paint totally mess-free to deliver a stunning, seamless finish anytime. Made with premium, durable rubber materials that promises to withstand an endless usage without wearing-off. The perfect helper for DIYers, hobbyists, beginners, professional decorator, and so on.          

Easily paint that stunning wood pattern effect directly where you need using this one-swipe wood graining rubber tool! 


  • Realistic Wood Grain Effect
    A high-performance rubber tool designed with a unique textured bottom that can efficiently create beautifully wood pattern effects in just a simple swipe motion. Allowing you to turn different painted surfaces looking like realistic wood material for a more luxurious and elegant touch. Moreover, the wood graining tool can impressively make a variety of natural wood pattern knots and grains just by easily changing the stroking technique. Available in small wood graining rubber size and big wood graining rubber size selection to meet all your different needs. 

  • Ergonomic Design
    Ideally light in the hands to deliver a much easier and optimal maneuverability. It also adopts a non-slip handle that enables the user to freely and securely create faux wood look anytime even for those with sweaty palms. No worries as this rubber wood graining tool can smoothly glide through the painted surface. It ensures that you can easily and mess-free swipe on your desired surface without ruining the wood style effect. Furthermore, the wood graining tool does not contain any sharp edges or materials so you can confidently hold and operate it without the risk of cuts and injuries.  

  • Wide Application
    The wood pattern maker can effortlessly transform different surface types into an expensive faux wood look. Suitable for metal, steel, iron, wood, galvanized pipe, MDF board, fabric, canvas, paper, and more possibilities. This wood graining rubber can be perfectly swipe on at any pressure without leaving scratches or any unsightly damages behind the material you're wood graining on. Making it the best helper for creating wood pattern paint for doors, walls, cabinetry, furniture, floor, fence, deck, window frames, beams, wooden benches, and so on.  

  • Easy One-Swipe Operation
    Specially-crafted to give you ease of use and comfort that can flawlessly modify the look of your material in a breeze. Simply polish and clean off the material you’ll be wood graining on first, apply a proper amount of wood grain primer, then swipe the wood grain rubber tool to create that natural wood pattern. After that, just brush a topcoat treatment according to the needs of your material to ensure a long-lasting and gorgeously wood grain paint effect. No more manual, time-consuming painting, complicated tracing needed anymore!

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic thickened rubber material that boasts an impressive elasticity and non-deforming feature. It offers good durability that guarantees to hold out against several years of usage without damaging or ruining the textured wood pattern quality. What’s more? The one-swipe wood graining tool is completely odorless to ensure that it can be safely used anytime and be swiped on the surface without transferring harmful scent. It does not retain dirt and residues so you can easily clean it up after each use with water.  


  • Material: Rubber
  • Size: 13x4cm(Large), 9x3cm(Small)


  • 2 x Easy Wood Grain Paint Stampers (1 Large, 1 Small)

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