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Multipurpose Wire Dishwashing Rag

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Multipurpose Wire Dishwashing Rag

Give your kitchen a heavy-duty cleaning in a breeze only with this multipurpose wire dishwashing rag!

This handy metal wire mesh cloth promotes an impressive cleaning effect that will leave your kitchenware spotless in only a scrub. Allowing it to successfully tackle even the toughest of year-long greases, grimes, rust, mold, burnt messes, residues, and other dirt in a breeze. No worries as this dish rag adopts a non-aggressive feature that can be safely scrubbed back-and-forth on any surface. Providing you squeaky clean and a shine like new finish without damaging, scratching, or removing your items protective coating. Suitable for cleaning cooking pans, pots, utensils, grills, stovetops, oven, sinks, spatulas, and so much more.   

The multipurpose cleaning rag can be easily maneuvered and reach through corners and gaps that other products can’t. It has the perfect mesh-like style that can foam up effortlessly and even dries quickly to make it more hygienic. Moreover, this wire dishwashing cloth can be also cleaned up in no time after each use to prevent odor and bacterial accumulation. It offers a space-saving design that can be conveniently hung or folded for storing. Made with premium materials that promises to last for years of everyday use without wearing-off and harmful toxic leaching

Scrub your kitchenware spotlessly clean using this multipurpose wire dishwashing rag! 


  • Powerful Cleaning Effect
    A professional-grade cleaning dish rag designed in a special metal wire material with a diamond-shaped lattice weaning technology. It can naturally eliminate stubborn greases, grimes, baked on foods, rust, mold, burnt messes, residues, and other dirt that other products can’t get rid off. Making it an all-purpose cloth that can tackle all of your different small or heavy-duty kitchen cleaning jobs with great ease and speed. Saving from your everyday struggle and time-consuming back-and-forth scrubbing. What’s more? This wire dish rag supports both wet and dry use so you can clean by directly scrubbing it or with use of soaps for a more deep decontamination. Leaving all your dishes, kitchen tools, or appliances with a brand-new sheen and squeaky clean finish.   

  • Non-Scratch Scrubbing
    This miracle wire cleaning dish cloth offers the perfect blend of toughness and gentle performance. Allowing it to successfully take away year-long dried-off dirt from almost all surfaces and messiest of dishes while remaining 100% non-aggressive and scratch-free. You can use it for cleaning even for delicate glass, non-stick coating cookware, wooden utensils, metal, and so much more. The best helper that guarantees to clean with not a single unwanted, permanent damage left behind or removing the protective coatings from your kitchenware. 

  • Ergonomic Design
    The powerful rag is lightweight and it can be easily maneuvered and scrub through hard-to-reach gaps and corners. It also features a well-constructed mesh-like style that can foam up quickly even with just a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Furthermore, this cleaning dish rag is highly-absorbent and it can dry rapidly after use which makes it more hygienic. It can also be easily rinsed with water to remove dirt and food residues to prevent harmful bacterial contamination and odor built-ups. This non-scratch wire cloth can be hung or be folded into compact size for a much convenient and space-saving storing.   

  • Wide Cleaning Usage
    This high-performance cleaning cloth can work effectively and safely everyday for kitchen tools. Suitable for cleaning cooking pans, pots, utensils, grills, stovetops, oven, sinks, spatulas, pan covers, countertops, bottles, and more possibilities. All you have to do is to directly scrub it onto the dirty area or use it with soap for a much deeper cleaning, rinse with clean water, and you're good to go.   

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-aggressive fabric and silver wire metal mesh that boasts an excellent immediate dry or wet cleaning. It adopts superior durability that can withstand multiple years of daily scrubbing and washes without linting, tearing, and other damages. This multipurpose cleaning cloth is also completely odorless and non-toxic to ensure that it can be used to your kitchen materials without leaching.  
  • Material: Polyester
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