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2024 Trendy Car Dashboard Phone Holder

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2024 Trendy Car Dashboard Phone Holder

Never fumble with your mobile while behind the wheels anymore and use this 2024 trendy car dashboard phone holder!

A cool car-shaped dashboard mobile holder that you can transform into a top-down style to securely sit your device in horizontal position. Allowing you to nicely display your phone while keeping them easily accessible while on the road for a much safer, hands-free operation. Featuring a smart multi-angle, 360° rotation that can be smoothly adjusted anytime to your desired optimal viewing and comfort. No worries as it does not take up space on your dashboard and can be mounted without blocking your road visibility. Making it a great tool for driving directions, taking calls, playing music, and such while still ensuring your overall driving safety.    

This fun car-shaped phone stand adopts a remarkable waterproof adhesive that can be securely attached to the dashboard completely unbudging. What’s more? It has a strong hold that prevents your mobile from slipping and thrashing around even as you drive on bumpy roads and create sudden stops. The mobile stand is compatible for a variety of phone's size and shapes of different brands and models. No worries as it also grips snuggly without causing damage to your device or obstructing essential buttons and ports. Made with premium, durable material that promises to accompany you for your endless road trips without wearing-off. 

Keep your phone safely in sight and at hand even while on the road with this 2024 trandy car dashboard phone holder!



  • Multi-Angle Car Phone Holder
    A chic, sports car shaped mobile holder that can be turned into a nice top-down style to securely hold your device horizontally on top of your vehicle’s dashboard. It enables you to keep your smartphone easily accessible anytime and allows you for a hands-free operation safely. This car phone stand features a 360° rotational bottom to deliver that versatile viewing angle performance. You can swiftly adjust it one-handedly according to your preferred comfortable viewing needs. Additionally, it can sit nicely on the dashboard without creating any blockings to your road visibility to ensure overall safety. A great road trip companion for driving directions, taking calls, playing music, and such.     

  • Ultra-Strong Adhesive Mounting
    This unique car phone stand comes with a superior adhesive base that can grip firmly on your car interior and other different smooth surface types. Providing it a non-slip, secure attachment that can withstand rocky uneven roads, swift turns, and emergency breaks. Eliminating the risk of your mobile falling off or flying all over within the car which only leads to distractions and potential accidents while you're behind the wheel. Its remarkable adhesion also has waterproof qualities that can be exposed to moisture, humidity, and liquids without losing stickiness. Lastly, it boasts maximum stability and a strong phone hold that lets you drive freely without your mobile wobbling or shaking distractingly.  

  • Universal Compatibility
    The car dashboard mobile holder can is specially-crafted to accommodate a wide range of phone's size and shape of different brands and models. Suitable for Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony, Blackberry, Nokia, and more possibilities. It can hold different mobiles in a snug fit to keep unwanted slippage while also remaining gentle to your device. Preventing it from leaving unsightly marks, scratches, and even permanent dents. What’s more? It can grip to your phone without hindering access to essential ports or buttons so you can still easily adjust volume or power boost with no issues. 
  • Quick and Easy Installation
    This car shaped phone holder can be securely attached to the dashboard in no time without the complicated tools and damaging installation anymore. Simply wipe your dashboard clean and dry first, peel-off the adhesive film, mount it in place, insert your mobile vertically, and you're now ready to hit the road. The powerful adhesive has a convenient non-trace quality which enables the holder to be smoothly removed without sticky residues and marks left behind.   

  • Premium Quality
    Made with the highest quality materials that supports an exceptional phone gripping performance and durability. It can hold out against several years of road trips without discoloration, damage, and rusting. This car dashboard phone holder can even withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures inside your vehicle with no problems. Available in 4 different trendy color selections that you could match with your car, including white, yellow, red, and black.


    • Size: Please refer to the image below

    • Color: Black, White, Red, Yellow


    • 1 x 2024 Trendy Car Dashboard Phone Holder

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