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🐶Cithway™ Funny Pooping Dog Toothpaste Topper🐶

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🐶Cithway™ Funny Pooping Dog Toothpaste Topper🐶

Make toothpaste squeezing so much fun with this funny toothpaste cap dispenser pooping dog butt 🐶🐶

This stinkin’ cute 3D dog butt topper offers a smooth toothpaste  dispensing performance that comically looks like a pooch pooping! It enables you to easily and neatly dispense straight to the brush with a dash of playful touch that is bound to bring a smile every time. Moreover, the funny toothpaste pooping dog cap can even catch even your most fussy child’s attention. Making it a creative helper to keep your youngster interested and develop a good habit of brushing their teeth regularly. Saving you from the struggle of convincing them every brushing time so they can keep their baby teeth strong, pearlescent, and healthy.  

The hilarious dog butt topper can perfectly dispense without a single mess, wastage, overflowing, and clogging issues. It fits securely to any standard size and travel-size toothpaste tubes to prevent slipping and unwanted side dripping as you dispense. Simply twist and remove your toothpaste cap, insert the pooping dog topper, and you're good to go! This fun toothpaste cap dispenser would surely make an excellent present for a party, holiday, birthday, anniversary, friendsary, pranks, gag gifts, and other special or regular days. Made with premium material that can withstand years of daily usage without deforming, toxic leaching, and molding. 

Have the best stinkingly fun and cute addition to your oral hygiene routine using this toothpaste cap dispenser pooping dog butt! 


  • Fun Toothpaste Dispensing Topper 🐶
    A hilarious 3D toothpaste topper featuring a cute dog-shaped back with a fine dispensing opening for your paste. Its unique design enables you to add a playful touch to your daily routine and start the day with a wide smile! Additionally, this funny dog butt toothpaste cap’s whimsy appearance would surely pique even your fussy little one's interest. Making it a creative toy to help your youngster to build a good habit of brushing their teeth regularly without a fuss. Keeping their baby teeth strong and overall healthy to prevent cavities, tooth decay, and other oral issues. 

  • Quick and Smooth Dispensing🐶
    Adopts a super smooth dispensing performance.  Allowing you to easily dispense straight to your brush anytime totally mess-free while it humoredly looks like a pooch pooping out from its butt! An ideal tool especially for kids so they can uniquely pump toothpaste at all times with not a single trouble to avoid waste, overflowing, or even clogging problems.
  • Easy to Use 🐶
    Offers a flexible quality that can fit securely to most standard toothpaste mouth sizes. Preventing the paste from messily dripping to the sides or the topper from slipping out even as you squeeze. Simply remove your toothpaste cap, insert the dog butt topper, dispense paste right to your brush, and done. No more complicated installations required anymore! You can also effortlessly clean it with water to stay hygienic and place it in another toothpaste once your previous paste has run out.

  • Fun Gift Idea 🐶
    Would serve as a thoughtful and equally humorous present that will bring lots of joy and laughter to the recipients. Great to be given for a regular day or any special occasions, including party, holiday, birthday, anniversary, friendsary, pranks, gag gifts, and more possibilities. Make sure to keep your loved ones precious smile and give it to your mother, father, children, sibling, friends, partner, lover, colleagues, and such.

  • Premium Quality 🐶
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic synthetic resin material that boasts an excellent long-lasting durability. It is completely odorless and can be in direct contact with any toothpaste brand without harmful chemical leaching to ensure the user’s safety and health. This fun dog butt topper can fit any regular toothpaste or travel-size tubes and withstand multiple years of usage without deforming, breaking, or molding.  


  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Color: Black / Brown / Gray


  • 1 x Cithway™ Pooping Dog Toothpaste Topper

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