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Adjustable Crossbody Universal Phone Lanyard

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Adjustable Crossbody Universal Phone Lanyard

Always keep track and access of your device with this adjustable phone crossbody strap!

A must-have phone lanyard that is specially designed to securely hold your device around the neck or shoulder at all times. Providing you a well convenient hands-free experience while still keeping your phone easily accessible when needed. What’s more? It features a handy built-in hoop from the strap where you can hang shades, wallets, keys, airpods, keychains, and such. Ideal especially when you're out on travels, grocery, malling, airport, transportation, or even in fast-paced situations like events, concerts, festivals, or games. No need to struggle and fumbling through pockets, inside your bags, or constantly holding your mobile at hand anymore!

This mobile lanyard is super lightweight and non-irritating to provide you an all day long maximum comfort experience. It can be also easily adjusted to your preferred length and style of wearing like crossbody, lanyard style, or be looped around the wrist. No worries as this clever strap does not harm your device and it even supports a seamless charging without needing for dissembling. Made with a braided rope strap and nylon strip that can hold different mobile models and brands without the risk of tearing and falling. Simply insert the nylon strip through the phone case, place your phone back, buckle the lanyard to the strip loop, and you're good to go!

Experience a hands-free access to your mobile anytime, anywhere you are using this adjustable phone crossbody strap!


  • Universal Phone Lanyard
    A handy phone accessory that is expertly designed in an extra-long, sturdy strap and nylon strip to securely hold your device around the neck or shoulder. Allowing you to keep your device attached and easily accessible at all times while leaving both of your hands free for convenience or for holding other items. It even comes with an additional hoop feature for hanging items like shades, wallets, keys, airpods, keychains, and such. Making it a great assistant to take your phone on the road with especially during travels, grocery, malling, or even in fast-paced situations like events, concerts, or games. Suitable for protecting and handling different mobile models and brands, including Samsung, Iphones, Xiaomi, LG, Oppo, Huwawei, Lenovo, and so on.

  • High-Comfort and Phone Safety
    This mobile lanyard is light and it offers a smooth-to-touch feature that prevents irritation and discomfort on any skin-types even after a prolonged use. No worries as it also does not cause scratching or snagging on through fabric so you can confidently wear them without ruining your OOTDs. This phone is perfectly non-stretching and it provides a 360° swivel clasp with an extra toughen hook that ensures a super safe hold to your mobile. Eliminating the risk of your phone from completely falling off the hard floor or from hitting everywhere due to strap stretching. What’s more? It still allows you to power charge your device without the strap and thin nylon strip interfering with your charger cable so you won’t have to disassemble anymore.

  • Adjustable Length
    The universal phone holder strap offers a lengthened design that can be easily adjusted to your comfort fitting and needs. It can accommodate crossbody style, be worn around the neck, shoulder, or even looped around the wrist. This phone lanyard supports a quick-release hook snap which allows you to easily remove your device from the strap without needing to disassemble the nylon strip.

  • Quick and Easy Installation
    This adjustable lanyard holder can be installed in a breeze without any more complicated steps needed! All you have to do is to place the strip at the back of your phone case, insert the loop through the case’s charging port, place your phone back, buckle the lanyard to the loop, and done. Both the lanyard and connecting strip do not create obstruction or harm your device internal configuration. Available in bright, trendy color selections, including zebra, orange, green, khaki, pink. 

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality and thickened polyester braided rope, nylon strip, and metal buckles with excellent durability and tear-resistance. It can withstand long-lasting years of everyday wear and even pull and force without any sort of damages and discoloration. This phone lanyard is extremely soft and skin-friendly that’s safe to be in direct contact even for those experiencing hypersensitive skin and skin conditions. 
  • Material: Polyester, nylon, metal
  • Length of lanyard: 68cm 
  • 1 x Adjustable Crossbody Universal Phone Lanyard 

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