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Amusing Eyes Winter Monster Beanie

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Amusing Eyes Winter Monster Beanie

Fit into the fun, cutely monster madness and light up everywhere with this glowy winter monster horned beanie!

This winter beanie is uniquely designed with LED monster tentacle eye horns that lights up with colorful blinking glow in just a touch. Furthermore, the monstrously cute horns can be freely stretched out or be bent to mimic your desired beast’s horned shapes. Allowing you to fashionably stand out from the crowd and literally shine even on the darkest of night and dimmed spaces. The light-up monster knitted hat also adopts an excellent insulation that effectively keeps the head and ears pleasantly toasted. Making it an ideal protection and fun head accessory during the start of chilly autumn and the harshness of winter months.  

The glowy winter horned beanie is super lightweight and it hugs lovingly on the head to promote maximum all day long comfort. It even provides an additional safety feature that enables the LED horn to be continuously illuminated without overheating. This warming monster beanie can make any outfit style extra funky and be stretched to different head sizes, including adult, teens, and kids. Make any occasion even more fun and try it out for festivities, halloween,school props, performance, concerts, raves, clubs, sleepovers, music fests, costume parties, and such. Made with premium, skin-friendly fabric and LED that promises to last for longer years without damaging. 

Experience a monstrously enjoyable wintry occasion and stand out even in the dark using this glowy winter monster horned beanie!    


  • Lovely Glowing Monster Beanie
    A fun knitted winter beanie featuring cute monster tentacle eye horns that comes with advanced built-in LED touch lights. Allowing the horns to automatically switch-on and illuminate a magical, colorful blinking glow just after a simple contact. The smart LED can successfully light up with a non-harming brilliance that is sure to catch attention even on the darkest of night or any low light space. The beanie’s monster eye horns can be effortlessly stretched and freely change the shape as you like. The perfect head accessory that will make you uniquely standout and literally shine on any events and get-togethers. What’s more? You can also partner it with our fun winter LED gloves that lights brightly from the fingertips.

  • Maximum Insulation
    This cute LED monster hat not only strikes great visual appeal and illumination, but it also offers an optimal warmth thanks to its thickened knitted fabric design. It keeps you pleasantly toasty from the top of your head down to your ears with a nice, extra monstrous whimsy effect. Saving you from the risk of easily losing body heat due to the harsh, wintertime cold air with an exposed. An ideal protection during all of your fun, chilly night out clubbing, festivities, or wintry outdoor activities.     

  • Ultra-Safe and Comfortable
    The glowy horned beanie promotes professionally-made LED lights that can safely be in direct contact with any fabric without causing any electrical or fire hazards. It can also be left on continuously lighting for more than 24 hours and not experience overheating issues or harmful leaching to ensure overall safety and health. This sparkling beanie is conveniently light on the head and it can stay lovingly without being too painfully tight or too loose to slip off as you move. Moreover, it doesn't snag the tresses or create friction to prevent any sort of breakage. Providing you an all day and night long monsterly comfortable and enjoyable wearing experience.

  • Wide Application
    This clever LED monster horned head accessory can complement and look extra cute on any outfit and can be styled like your regular beanies. Suitable for festivities, halloween, school props, performance, dance competition, concerts, raves, clubbing, sleepovers, music fests, christmas, costume parties, themed birthdays, and such. Available in different trendy monster color selections, including black, gray, white, brown, beige, mint, olive, green, blue, yellow, orange, rose, pink, purple, and so on. No worries as the illuminating horned beanie can comfortably embrace a variety of head circumference from adults, teens and even kids!   

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, skin-friendly soft textured knitted fabric and special-grade colorful LED touch lighting. It offers remarkable breathable performance and long-lasting durability that can hold out against years of everyday wear without overheating, damaging, and discoloration. Furthermore, this glowy winter monster beanie does not cause any irritations, itchiness, and discomfort on the skin. 
  • Material: Acrylic fabric
  • Size: Size free
  • 1 x Amusing Eyes Winter Monster Beanie

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