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360° Adjustment Micro Flow Irrigation Dripper

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360° Adjustment Micro Flow Irrigation Dripper

Easily water your large plantation field in no time with this 360° adjustment irrigation dripper!   

This innovative hose drip is specially designed to deliver your quenching plant with a consistent, even water distribution deep to the roots. It can turn your regular hose into a great irrigation system that can sprinkle your entire greenery without the hassle of individual hand watering. Furthermore, the drip adopts a lower water rate to ensure your crops with optimum growth and health while still saving up to 80% of water. All you have to do is to directly pierce the drippers through the hose in proper spacing or connect them to 4mm to 7mm diameter tubes! Available in 20 pcs, 50 pcs and 100 pcs pack selections to meet all your vegetation irrigation needs.  

The irrigation dripper contains 8 water holes that steadily sprinkle the water out and guarantees that not a single crop would be left out. It supports a 360° rotating head that can be easily twisted to open/close and adjusted from strong, medium, and normal flow rate. Making it an excellent helper for watering gardens, patios, lawns, greenhouse, vegetation, agriculture, flower bed, flowers, backyard plants, fruit trees irrigation, and such. No worries as this adjustable plant dripper has a handy self flushing action to prevent dirt buildups, clogging, and water fluctuations. Made with durable, all-weather resistant material that boasts to last multiple years of usage without damaging or rusting. 

Drench your plant deep with the right amount of liquids using this 360° adjustment irrigation dripper! 


  • Smart irrigation Dripper Emitter
    A clever hose attachment dripper that can discharge a smooth and consistent water flow. Allowing you to successfully provide your quenching greeneries their much needed hydration and nutrients deep through the root zone. Providing you the ability to sprinkle your entire plant system with efficient water distribution anytime without the hassle of individually watering them anymore. Additionally, this dripper delivers water at a lower rate which can save up to a maximum 80% of the water normally used in other types of irrigation systems. Making it a great helper to increased plant growth and health thanks to its consistent watering performance. Available in 20 pcs pack, 50 pcs pack and 100 pcs pack selections to meet all your vegetation irrigation needs.  

  • 360° Water Power Adjustment
    Comes with 8 water spraying holes that steadily and evenly flush out the fluids in each hole. Moreover, it adopts a 360° rotating head that can adjust the flow rate from strong, medium, and normal mode. Allowing you to water your plantation according to your desired dripping flow mode by easily rotating clockwise and counterclockwise to shut off. What’s more? The irrigation drip comes with a smart self flushing action for a constant water flowing performance. Eliminating the risk and worries of dirt buildups to avoid cloggings/water blockage and water fluctuations.   

  • Wide Application
    Provides a convenient connection tip that can be attached to 4mm to 7mm diameter tubes or by piercing a small hole directly through the hose. Suitable for a controlled and consistent watering for garden, patios, lawns, greenhouse, vegetation, agriculture, flower bed, flowers, backyard plants, fruit trees irrigation, and more possibilities. No need to dump a ton of water all at once to each plant anymore or the troubles of tugging your hose to manually irrigate only to miss or overwater some crops.  

  • Easy Irrigation System Set Up
    This plant hose drip can effortlessly transform your vegetation with the perfect irrigation system in no time. Simply pierce through the hose and insert the drip, repeat, and install the other drip piece to the hose in proper spacing to water your plantation, and done. You could also connect the drippers to 4mm to 7mm diameter tubes. No more complicated installation process and multiple unnecessary tools needed anymore! Great for every planter and enthusiasts whether you're a home grower or market gardener!    

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic PVC plastic material with excellent flow rate adjustment capabilities. It supports remarkable durability that guarantees to withstand daily exposure to different environmental temperatures and long-term usage. Preventing it from easily deforming, melting, cracking, water fluctuations, and other possible damages. No worries as all drip pieces are completely odorless and it does not emit any toxic chemical fumes to ensure that you can water anytime without harming your greens.     


  • Material: PVC plastic
  • Size:15x13mm


  • 20/50/100pcs of Micro Flow Hose Add-on Sprinklers

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