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Cithway™ Multi-functional Magnetic Device Holder Set

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Cithway™ Multi-functional Magnetic Device Holder Set

Give your device an endless mounting abilities using this Multi-functional Magnetic Wall Mount Magnets!

These magnetic holder set come with self-adhesive metal plates for devices and magnetic holders for walls. Simply peel, stick and attach. Users can make almost anything magnetic and detachable in a wall-mounted way. Smartly keeping desktop neat instead of scattering items around. With powerful magnetism and adhesive backing, they securely mount different device models up to almost any walls or surfaces including concrete, wallpaper, tiled walls, wood, glass, metals, furniture and even car dashboards and such. What’s more? They can attract up to hold items like remote controls, smartphones, power socket extensions, tablets, routers, desk lamps and so on.

The magnetic holders only relies magnets to fix items at place. They're designed as limitation-free - Can be rotated in any angle to fit even unique corner, or serve as an excellent phone holder for a hands-free, orientation-adjustable viewing. Providing you a wall mounting or table phone mounting options for video/movie watching, video conference, zoom meetings, taking videos or photos, playing, and more.  

Fix your remote controls effortlessly to accessible place with these wall magnets!


  • Makes Any Device "Magnetic to wall"!
    A handy holder designed to be easily mounted on various walls and surfaces to keep your remote controls secured at one accessible place. Making all of your devices neatly organized at all times and off the ground. You can now conveniently reach remote controls to turn on various home appliances like air-conditioners, lighting, television set, and even air purifier without the need to search within the messy clutter. 

  • Ultra-strong Magnetic Device Holder
    Made with premium magnets with powerful magnetism that attracts and holds up to 1kg items. These magnetic pads can be used not only for remote controls, but can also firmly hold items like smartphones, power socket extensions, tablets, routers, desk lamps and more possibilities. 

  • Self-adhesive for Any Surface
    Come with adhesive backing and successfully adhere through different material types and remain insanely sticky for everyday use even when exposed to moisture. Preventing your device from slipping or worse completely falling off the hard floors. Suitable for mounting items on concrete walls, wallpaper, tiled walls, wood, glass, metals, furniture and even car dashboards and such. No worries as they can be also easily removed on walls anytime without leaving any unwanted sticky residues or marks behind. 

  • Easy Punch-Free Installation
    Can be installed in no time without the burdensome drillings or punching and complicated tools required. Simply peel-off the protective film from the adhesive back, stick the metal plate onto the back of your device, and mount the magnetic holder to your desired surface. After that, attach the device by moving it close to the magnet for a secure attachment and done!   
  • Premium Quality

    Made of high-strength magnets and high-quality ABS plastic material with excellent durability and corrosion-resistant abilities. It does not also contain any harmful edges or surface that might scratch your walls and remote controls. Furthermore, it can withstand years of daily usage without wearing-off or loosening adhesion/magnetism.


  • Material: ABS Plastic, Magnet
  • Diameter: 3cm


  • 5PCS/10PCS of Multi-functional Magnetic Wall Sticker Set

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