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Cithway™ Magic Nano-Tech Stainless Steel Cleaner

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Cithway™ Magic Nano-Tech Stainless Steel Cleaner

Keep your stainless steel sparkly and spotless at all times only with this all-purpose magic cleaning paste!

A miracle cleaning paste that can diminish even the toughest of year-long stains in a breeze for almost all metal-plated products. It penetrates deep and softens heavy-duty build ups so you can effortlessly clean without the need for vigorous back-and-forth scrubbing! Perfect for removing stubborn dirt, grimes, rust, discoloration, burnt-on stain, heavy oxidation, corrosion, greasy splatters, oily fingertips, and such. This powerful paste adopts a gentle formulation that can be confidently used anytime without the risk of damaging your item’s natural coating. Making it the best stain-removal paste for kitchenware, stovetops, aluminum windows, sinks, car tires, ceramic tile, glass, and so on.    

This all-purpose cleaning paste boasts an excellent, long-lasting anti-oxidation effect that leaves an extra invisible coating to your metal. Providing you pristinely clean, brand-new like finish while preventing any sort of corrosion and unwanted regrowths of stains. Simply apply a small amount of the paste, wipe the affected surface with your regular sponge or scrubber, rinse excess residue with clear water, and all done! No worries as this stainless steel cleaning agent can come into contact with the skin without causing irritations, stinging, rashes, and more. Made with a premium, non-toxic formula that can strongly remove stains with not a single harmful leaching to ensure safety!

Magically restore your dull, soiling metal surface items with just a wipe of this all-purpose cleaning paste!


  • Fast and Powerful Stain Removal
    A high-performance cleaning paste that is specially formulated with active ingredients to fight off even the toughest year-long stains in no time. It successfully penetrates through surfaces much deeper than other products and lets them soften to lose adherence. Allowing the paste to do all the work and easily eliminate almost all kinds of dirt and stain build-ups without the hassle of back-and-forth scrubbing anymore. Perfect for taking off rust, discoloration, burnt-on stain, heavy oxidation, corrosion, greasy splatters, oily fingertips, and so on. No worries as it does not leave streaks and soiling behind to deliver your items a spotlessly clean, brand-new sparkly finish.  

  • Wide Application
    This powerful cleaning agent adopts a very safe and highly versatile formulation that works effectively to remove heavy stains without being aggressive. Suitable for stainless steel materials, brass, bronze, copper, aluminum, nickel, and chrome-plated products. No need to worry about unsightly soap marks, discoloration, blackening, and other damages that might break down your cookware or tool’s natural coating. Making it a great stain-removal paste even for delicate cast-iron kitchenware, metal utensils, oven, stovetops, aluminum windows, sinks, car tires, ceramic tile, glass, and more possibilities.     

  • Long-Lasting Oxidation Protection 
    The multi-purpose paste does not only remove stubborn dirt and stains, but it also provides an excellent layer of invisible coat behind. It helps to keep your cookware and other metal items to stay pristinely clean while protecting them from forming unwanted corrosion/oxidation. Additionally, this cleaning paste also prevents greases, residues, and dirts from clinging and building up into stubborn stains. Providing you nicely polished and protected stainless steel items that can remain in tip-top condition for a prolonged period.     

  • Easy to Use
    This magic cleaning paste can efficiently transform various soiled stainless steel items into a gleaming, squeaky-clean piece without the complicated steps anymore! Simply apply a small amount of the cleaning cream on to the sponge scrubber or straight to the stainless steel surface. After that, just spray a little water, gently wipe to remove the stains, rinse it off with clean water to take off excess residues, and you're all done. You don’t have to tirelessly and vigorously scrub anymore which only leaves scratches and marks behind.  

  • Premium Eco Cleaning Formulation
    Formulated with the highest-grade, eco-friendly and non-aggressive stain fighting ingredients with superior antioxidant protective filming effect. It is 100% non-toxic and can be used even for utensils and kitchen wares without harmful contamination. This all-purpose magic cleaning paste does not also emit foul chemical odors to ensure overall safety and health. Lastly, it can come into direct contact with the skin without causing irritations, rashes, stinging, and other negative reactions.


    • Product Form: Wax
    • Recommended Surface Application: Stainless Steel
    • Weight: 148g
    • Health Facts: Dye-Free, Bleach-Free, Formaldehyde-Free, Petroleum-Free, Phosphate-Free, Artificial Fragrance-Free, Aluminum-Free, Ammonia-Free, Paraben-Free, Phthalate-Free
    • Product Results: Polishes, Protects Against Fingerprints, Removes Finger Prints, Cleaner, Streak-Free Surface
    • Recommended Product Application: Sink, Refrigerator, Countertops, Grills


    • 1 x Cithway™ Magic Nano-Tech Stainless Steel Cleaner

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