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Cithway™ Leather Repair Shoe Polish Cream

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Cithway™ Leather Repair Shoe Polish Cream

👞Keep your footwear looking sharp and immaculate for years to come only with this professional leather shoe repair polish cream!

This professional polishing cream is specially formulated to kiss any leather shoes and items with an instant repair and refresh of color. Perfect for buffing out discoloration, scratches, minor cracks, gouges, and other possible damages. Allowing it to naturally make your worn-out, faded footwear looking brand new and its best appearance with a nice sheen finish. It also offers a quick-drying effect that promises to transform your leather in a breeze to keep you from the infuriating waiting game. Suitable for any leather shoes and items like belts bags, car seats, sofas, wallets, leather jackets, tool bags, saddles, and more possibilities.    

The leather shoe repair cream is perfectly gentle and safe to be used anytime for any genuine leather, full grain leather or faux leather materials. It also promotes an excellent coating effect that protects the leather against water, rain, road grimes, dirt, daily wear, and such. Providing your favorite footwear a maximum protection that can extend and preserve its life for years of walks. This high-grade cream comes with a handy applicator that makes leather polishing even much easier and speedy. No worries as it can be applied anytime without any funky odors or leaving any messy stickiness behind! 

Say no to unwanted shoe scuffs and bring on the high-shine and polished look using this professional leather shoe repair polish cream! 


  • Instant Leather Shoe Repair👞
    A professional-grade shoe polish formulated with a nice creamy consistency that will kiss any leather footwear a powerful blend of revitalizing effect. Delivering your favorite shoe a remarkable, instant revival of color and high-sheen finish that will keep them looking brand new like its original appearance. Moreover, it also helps to successfully repair common leather damages such as scratches, minor cracks, worn out look, and gouges with just an easy, few application. No need to put your feet on dull, old-looking leather footwear again or the need to constantly replace them with a new pair!   

  • Easy Application, Fast Drying Effect👞
    This quick-repair polish cream adopts fast-drying quality ingredients that can buff away discoloration and everyday wear in no time. Allowing it to fully dry-off and set nicely in just 10-20 mins of natural drying or 1-2 mins using a hair dryer/blower after application. Furthermore, the pro polish cream comes with an applicator sponge which makes leather revitalizing even easier and speedier while remaining mess-free. Simply remove the protective cove, take off the sponge, dip a small amount of paste, then gently coat it evenly on the leather surface. After that, just wait for it to dry and you can now wear your special pair on countless walks again looking fresh and pristine with an extra-shine!

  • Long Lasting Protection👞
    The professional shoe repair promotes an excellent deep, penetrating coverage that is sure to nourish any leather material. It gives off a great additional coating that protects your footwear from even the worst outdoor experience can bring including water, rain, salt, dirt, and unwanted wearing. Making it an ideal agent not only for repairing and restoring your shoe’s appearance, but also for extending and preserving its life for a long time! You can now confidently walk your leather around anytime on work, school, business, vacation, dates, parties, and more possibilities. 

  • Widely-Used Leather Cream👞
    This revitalizing leather polish cream prompts a promising effect that is gentle and safe to any genuine leather, full grain leather or even faux leather materials. Suitable for different leather shoe types like boots, loafers, work shoes, oxford, formal shoes, dress boots, and such. You can even use it for other leather and vinyl items, including belts bags, car seats, sofas, wallets, leather jackets, tool bags, saddles, and so on. Available in natural color, black, and brown color selections to meet each of your varying polishing needs.

  • Premium Quality👞
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic leather polish paste ingredients that boasts an incredible color repair and healthy shine performance. It is also formulated expertly to ensure that it can touch your leather without creating a single harm or discoloration. No worries as this professional shoe polish does not also leave any messy stickiness behind. It does not emit any toxic, funky odor to keep the user’s overall safety and tip top health. 
  • Material of brush: Sponge
  • 1 x Cithway™ Leather Repair Shoe Polish Cream

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