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Flies-Away Insect Control Powder

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Flies-Away Insect Control Powder

Keep Your Home A Fly-Free Haven And Quickly Fight Off With Our Flies-Away Insect Control Powder!

Take A Look With Our Happy Customers’ Feedback:

“I live in an area where flies really flock almost everywhere and have always been a nuisance chowing down my arms and legs. So I searched online for an effective fly-killer that can immediately take action to keep these nasty fliers at bay and found out about this product. It's really surprising that in just one spray, every single fly in my space and garbage outside has been instantly eliminated. I also noticed that it can also kill cockroaches and it has a long-lasting effect that keeps those annoying insects at bay even without me needing to spray everyday. It also does not emit any funky chemical fumes which is a plus since I have pets at home. I really am grateful for this insect-control powder that I can now be at peace at home and even eat without having to swat out fly anymore! I highly recommend it!”

★★★★★ Kinsley Bennett, New York, USA

“This is very effective! I’ve been having problems with flies recently, especially when the trash is collected late. I’m doing the spray method and it kills flies around my house in just a single spray, mind you. I was so surprised and happy that right just after I sprayed, I saw the insects falling down the floor and unmoving. I even applied it directly onto my garbage and since then on, there’s been no flies bugging around on it. I am proud to say that this is now my go-to multi-insect killer solution to keep unwanted intruders away and make my environment comfortable to live in.”

★★★★★Eloise Wagner, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Say Goodbye To Nasty Fliers And Creepy-Crawlies In Just A Spray Of This Insect Control Powder!

A professional multi-insect killer solution that possesses an incredible formulation to destroy a variety of fly types that’s being a nuisance in your household and disrupting your farm or outdoor gathering. Suitable for common fruit fly, housefly, botfly, black fly, tsetse fly, blow fly, cheese fly, myopa fly, and such. This strong powder can even work to effectively target and eliminate different insect annoyances, including mosquitos, ants, cockroaches, gnats, bees, and so on. An excellent multi purpose insect control product to provide a fly-free environment and ensure overall home safety and comfort.  

What Makes Flies-Away Insect Control Powder Different From Others?

This buzzworthy insect control product adopts a strong prescription which can take on flies in a swift with a long-lasting staying power performance and repellency. The anti-fly powder has an incredible adherence that enables the toxic substance to remain on the surfaces and work actively to get rid of any insects that come into contact. Allowing it to keep harmful and annoying fliers, buzzers, and creepy-crawlies away for up to an impressive 3 months for long-term control. On the other hand, regular insecticides only last just after spray which makes flies keep coming back after the product subsides. Making our insect control powder an exceptional choice to terminate infestations and saves you from the hassle of spraying all over your space every minute. 

Powerful One Spray Multi-Insect Killing Effect 

An ultimate powder-based insect control product that is specially-formulated with an active ingredient that guarantees to erase every single fly species and other nuisance efficiently. It can be sprayed once on the infested areas and successfully kills the insects instantly upon contact. 

What’s more? Its potent toxic blend can trigger the flies' excitement after licking the potion and will cause them extreme spasticity and blockage on the central nervous system that leads to a paralysis death. Preventing the risk and possibilities of the flies and crawlies to get away and hide unlike with other pesticides. This multi-insect control powder is also deadly and effective in eliminating even the largest swarm of flies, infested areas, and up to their laid eggs. Providing you a complete extermination to avoid giving rise to adult house flies and future fly infestation.

Safe, Non-Toxic Formulation

The insect control powder is formulated with the highest-grade all-natural ingredients that supplies a poisonous effect for flies and insects. It is also rigorously tested to provide 100% safety to come into contact with humans of any age, pets, plants, environments, and other non-insect organisms. Thus, allowing its poisonous blend to only take effect on a wide variety of insects, especially flies. Furthermore, this fly-killing agent is perfectly odor-free so it can be sprayed almost anywhere with flies without emitting any strong, foul scents. 

Easy-Spray Fly Killing Performance 

This powerful powder can perfectly turn your fly-infested space into a safer, insect-free haven in no time. It can be directly sprinkle on the infested area or be mixed with water and sprayed for a much easier and effective insect-killing action. No more time-consuming and complicated trapping set ups or the hassle of swatting and catching onto flies each time. The insect control powder can be used on a wide variety of spaces where flies and insects usually gather and lay eggs. Great for kitchen, garage, garbage areas, piggery farms, poultry, livestock farms, supermarket, school, residential properties, apartments, dormitories, hotels, garden, vegetation, and more possibilities.            


  • Successfully eliminates various types of household and outdoor flies and other different insects, including mosquitos, ants, cockroaches, gnats, bees, and so on

  • Promotes an excellent long-lasting power that can keep away flies and harmful insects infestation from up to 3 months

  • Boasts an impressive powerful fly-killing blends with 99% efficacy that ensures to banish swarms of houseflies up to their newly laid eggs quickly upon contact of the product

  • Can kill the whole fly colony for a complete extermination

  • Formulated with an all-natural and odorless powdered base ingredients that are 100% safe and non-toxic for humans, pets, and plants exposure

  • Supports an easy insect control methods which allows you to directly sprinkle the powder or mix it with water and spray around the infested areas

  • Suitable to be sprayed and controlling infestations on a variety of areas, including kitchen, garbage, livestock farm, home, hotels, markets, garden, and such

  • Works immediately and effectively with just small amount of powder 

  • Net weight: 25g
  • Shelf year: 3years
  • 1 x Flies-Away Insect Control Powder

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