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Cithway™ Electric Auto-rotate Milk Bottle Cleaning Brush Set

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Cithway™ Electric Auto-rotate Milk Bottle Cleaning Brush Set

Keep your baby bottles nicely sanitized and safe for use anytime using this quick-cleaning electric milk bottle brush set!

An ultimate milk bottle cleaning set which includes everything you need to effortlessly and thoroughly wash bottles in a breeze. Providing you with an electric handle, bottle brush head, nipple brush head, slim brush, regular handle, hanging storage hook, and charging cord. All cleaning brushes supply strongly-built silica bristles that put up a better, rich lathering with remarkable, dirt-removal effect. Moreover, the electric handle adopts an ultra-fast 220-250 rpm speed with 360°rotation that can swiftly clean without dead angle. Delivering you with squeaky, spotlessly clean bottles that are 100% safe for use to keep your baby healthy and free from foodborne illnesses.      

The quick-cleaning baby bottle brushes and handles are ergonomically-designed to promote secured gripping and maximum maneuverability. The electric handle is even lengthened enough to cater bigger bottles while still ensuring to reach the bottom and every crevice. Suitable for not only for cleaning milk bottles, but also for baby feeding items, water bottles, tumbler bottles, cups, sippy cups, pacifiers, and such. Simply insert the perfect brush head that will accommodate your needs on the electric handle, press the power bottom to operate, and you can now clean! What’s more? The electric cleaner boasts a long-lasting battery power that can be fully power boosted in no time.

Make your baby’s bottle sparkly cleaned without the hassle of scrubbing with this electric milk bottle brush set!  


  • Strong Spin-Cleaning Brush Set
    A trusty electric baby bottle brush set which includes an electric handle, bottle brush head, nipple brush head, slim brush, regular handle, hanging hook, and charging cord. All 3 brushes from the set adopted soft, strongly-built silica bristles that worked up a better lathering performance and optimal cleaning effect. They support a removable feature so you can swiftly switch brushes head from the electric handle to meet your different needs. Moreover, the electric handle has an incredible fully automatic, high-torque geared motor with 5 voltage and 5 watts power. It has a 200/220 rotational speed which delivers a hassle-free and much thorough scouring that will leave your baby’s bottle squeaky clean in a breeze. The best cleaning set for eliminating milk residues, dirts, dust, odor, and other build-ups out of your young one’s bottle.  

  • Multi-Purpose Bottle Cleaning
    This high-performance cleaning set provides cleaning bristles that can clean and work effectively on various bottle shapes without missing a spot to be left untouched. This set also promotes a lengthened electric handle which enables you to scour even on longer bottles and easily reach on the bottom. Suitable for cleaning baby milk bottles, water bottles, tumbler bottles, feeding bottles, mugs, cups, and such. What’s more? The bottle nipple brush head can deeply scrub even on the small crevices of the drinking head. You can also use it for removing dirt and residues from sippy cups and pacifiers. Simply insert your preferred brush head on the electric handle, press for at least 3 seconds the power button to open, and you can now easily clean! 

  • Ergonomic Design
    Supplies an anti-slip, ergonomically-constructed  electric and standard handle. Providing you a better, secured gripping and maximum, scouring maneuverability even for those with wet or sweaty hands. Auto-rotation brush allows you to clean up multiple bottles without experiencing hand fatigue, stiffness, and other discomfort. Furthermore, the included brushes offer softly smooth silicone fibers that can deeply scrub and remove even the toughest of dirt with not a single scratching or damage. The electric handle adopts a superior IP65 waterproof quality so you can sprinkle or accidentally wet them without problems just don’t completely submerge it in water for long. 

  • Long-Lasting Battery Life
    Boasts 1200mAh rechargeable, built-in batteries that can last for up to several hours without weakening cleaning power. Ideal for keeping your baby’s bottle sparkly clean and safe for drinking anytime when needed. No worries as it can be fully boosted up in no time using the included charging cord for as fast as 2.5 hours. You can also confidently use it without the risk of overheating or causing any fire or electric hazard.  

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, food-grade silica gel material and ultra-fast rotating speed cleaning technology. It is 100% BPA-free and odorless to ensure that it can safely come into direct contact with your bottles or any product without toxic leaching. Additionally, all cleaning tools are dust-free and they do not develop mold and bacterias. Lastly, the included hanging hook can securely hold the electric brush for a better, space-saving storing and easier retrieval anytime. 


  • Material: Food-grade silicone, ABS
  • Package Size: 90x55x190mm 
  • Waterproof: IP65
  • Output:5V
  • Battery capacity: 1200mAh
  • Color: Green / White


  • 1 x Electric Milk Bottle Brush (With 3 detachable heads)
  • 1 x Hanging storage hook
  • 1 x USB Charging cord
  • 1 x Slim straw brush

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