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Cithway™ Cozy Single-Band Indoor Fluffy Slippers

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Cithway™ Cozy Single-Band Indoor Fluffy Slippers

Make every step like a walk in heaven with this furry pair of indoor slippers! 

A lovely pair of single band open toe indoor slippers that boasts an ultimate cushioning and furriness which hugs lovingly on the feet. Allowing you to experience that heavenly ‘walk on the cloud’ feel that would surely instantly relax those tired feet. What’s more? These slippers also warm your toes nicely on chilly nights and winter months while keeping you refreshing and non-sticky during summer. No worries as they are super light on the feet and can be worn all throughout the day or night with not a single strain and discomfort. This pair also provides an impressive elasticity so you can walk freely without causing restrictions and stiffness to your movements. 

This cozy pair of indoor slippers adopts an anti-skid rubber sole that powerfully grips even on the most slippery and wet floors. Providing you a secured and comfortable walk to eliminate the worry of slipping and falling over. Moreover, these furry slippers also promote a remarkable bottom support and high shock absorption to deliver that maximum foot protection. Preventing you from experiencing stress and harsh impact as you step on hard surfaces to avoid pain, scratches, and risk of injuries. Making it the perfect cozy pair for home, bedroom, hotels, apartments, dormitories, offices, and more possibilities. 

Let your feet dance in glee and comfort using these ultra-cozy indoor slippers!


  • Extra Soft and Snuggly
    A fine pair of home slippers featuring a single band open toe platform with a ridiculously soft, thickened memory foam cushioning and a touch of extra furriness. Providing you a  super cute and perfectly cozy indoor slip-ons for your toes that are sure to make you feel like stepping on cloud nine. Additionally, these fluffy slippers offer the right amount of warmth to keep your sensitive feet pleasantly toasty even on chilly nights and cold wintry months. No worries as they stay nicely refreshing and non-sticky on the toes even during the hottest of summer days. Making them an ideal slippers to keep your feet so cozy and protected anywhere, no matter the seasons! 

  • Maximum Comfort Wear
    Provide a serious furriness while remaining weightless on the feet to make your walks feeling even more heavenly. They also adopt high-elasticity which allows bending and walking without deforming or causing restrictions and stiffness to your movements. Moreover, these bedroom slippers provide an instant relieving effect that helps in eliminating all sorts of fatigue from your foot after a long day of work. You can even wear them all day long and night with not a single strain or irritations for that optimal comfort experience. The cozy slippers have an impressive breathable quality that lets air freely circulate through to bring off a comfortably dry, sweat-free feeling.   

  • Non-Slip Design
    Come with an anti-skid rubber sole that promotes an impressive gripping on any surface. Allowing you to confidently walk even on wet and the slippery of icy tiled floorings without falling over or stumbling unlike with other indoor footwear. Furthermore, these ultra-cozy slippers are constructed with a high-density foam bottom that delivers remarkable support and shock absorption. It enables you to walk even on the hardest floors without the impact of the foot hitting the ground to alleviate fatigue, foot pain, scratches, and even risk of injuries.

  • Perfect Gift Idea
    Perfect pair to walk with at-home, hotels, apartments, dormitories, offices, bedrooms, and such. Give your loved ones a gift of comfort and let them in on those luxurious, hotel-quality feel indoor slippers. Available in different stylish selections, including cozy pink, white, khaki and gray. These charming cozy slippers are perfect for any occasion like christmas, birthday, housewarming, hanukkah, holidays, wedding favors, and more possibilities. Great for young ladies and adult women with slim or wide feet. 
  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, skin-friendly furry fabric materials with an amazing cushioning, durability, and comfort feel. These indoor slippers promise to keep your feet ultimately relaxed and protected for all of your walks without deforming, breaking, and wearing off. They can be also easily hand washed to prevent unwanted odor built up and harmful dirt and germ contamination. 


  • Material: EVA, Faux fur fabric
  • Color: White / Pink / Khaki / Grey
  • Size: 5.5-6.0 / 6.5-7.0 / 7.5-8.0 / 9.5-10 / 10.5-11


  • 1 pair of Cozy Single-Band Indoor Slippers

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