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Cithway™ "Eating Legs" 3D Animal Socks

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Cithway™ "Eating Legs" 3D Animal Socks

Slip your feet into the powerful jaws of crocs with these fun crocodile 3D socks!🦈

This fun pair of 3D socks strikes a detailed knit that mimics the skin of a crocodile and its jaw, sharp teeth, 4 legs, and terrifying eyes! These socks strike the perfect blend of unique, skin-crawling touch and whimsiness that makes it look like they’re biting your feet. Furthermore, the 3D socks are light on the feet and super soft to the touch to deliver that excellent all day long comfort wearing. They also help to keep your feet pleasantly toasty and extra cozy during wintertime thanks to its superior warming effect. These crocodile socks are highly breathable so you can still wear it even on the hottest days while staying fresh and sweat-free.

The "eating legs" socks can fit nicely and securely on different foot circumference without slipping off or causing painful pinching or award movement restrictions. The perfect gift idea for regular days or any special occasions such as christmas, new years, housewarming, birthdays, holidays, festivities, prank gifts, and more. Made with double-sided knitted cotton fabric that guarantees to withstand everyday wear without discoloration, deformation, and damage. No worries as these  "eating legs" socks can be easily hand washed and are gentle on all skin types.  

Make every step even more fiercely cozy and whimsy using these fun crocodile 3D socks! 🦈


  • Amusing "Eating legs" Design🐊
    A creative pair of socks featuring a fine, 3D detailed knitted design that mimic the real skin of a crocodile with its strong, wide jaw and sharp teeth, 4 legs, and terrifying eyes! Making it look like ferocious crocs are biting your feet up to the ankles while delivering you with optimal coziness. These animal knitted socks provide your feet with the best VIP treatment with a touch of fun and stylishness that are sure to impress and put a smile on everyone.

  • High-Comfort Wearing🐊
    These skin-crawling socks are expertly constructed to lovingly chomp the feet with extreme comfort all day long. The socks are super lightweight and soft-to-touch that you can take each step feeling like in heaven. Preventing you from experiencing any scratching, irritations, and other discomfort. These socks are also thick enough to supply you with a cozy warmth that will keep your feet toasty and protected even on the coldest of days in the winter. No worries as the animal socks have remarkable breathable capabilities which allows air to freely circulate through. Allowing you to wear the socks for prolonged periods even on sunny days while keeping your toes completely fresh and sweat-free.   

  • Perfect Gift Idea🐊
    The unique 3D socks can ideally keep every set of feet pleasantly warm during the harsh winter and comfortable during summer. They serve as a great present for regular days or even on any special occasions such as christmas, new years, housewarming, birthdays, holidays, festivities, prank gifts, and so on. The socks even offer a whimsy varying selection of 3D animal knits that guarantees to make any feet extra cozy and fashionably cute. Available in crocodile, shark, chameleon, fish, red dinosaur, green dinosaur, elephant, squirrel, and such.

  • Excellent Fitting🐊
    These animal knitted socks promote amazing stretchy qualities that can flex through a variety of foot circumference without deforming. Moreover, the socks fit securely to the foot without being too tight to harm or too loose to slip off anytime as you walk around. The perfect socks for at-home wear, sleepovers, pajama parties, animal themed parties, cozy movie marathon night, sleeping socks, and more possibilities.   

  • Premium Quality🐊
    Made of the highest-grade, skin-friendly thickened cotton fabric that boasts an impressive durability and long-lasting wearing performance. The crocodile socks can be easily hand washed after use to keep it clean and odor-free. Furthermore, these socks can hold out against multiple years of usage and washes without discoloration and damage. No worries as these socks are gentle for all skin-types to avoid any sort of itchiness, redness, and other possible allergic reactions.  
  • Material: Cotton
  • 1 x Cithway™ "Eating Legs" 3D Animal Socks

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